The standard release of NPD provides two deprivation indicator for the pupil that are based on the home address lower SOA (see geocodes for details on the home address).

Indices of Multiple Deprivation

The IMD brings together different indicators which cover specific aspects or dimensions of deprivation: Income, Employment, Health and Disability, Education, Skills and Training, Barriers to Housing and Services, Living Environment and Crime. These are weighted and combined to create the overall IMD.


NPD users can link directly to IMD using the LSOA (i.e llsoa_spr07) variable contained in the PLASC or Key Stage data files.

Data & Documentation
Downloadable data and documentation are available on the Communities and Local Government website. The live site no longer operates but the archive can be found here.

Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI)

IDACI is a sub-domain of the IMD. It is released as a standard variable in the later NPD releases. It can also be accessed via linkage to the IMD files using LSOA.
The DfE have produced a technical document relating to IDACI that can be found here.