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  1. page Ethnicity edited Ethnicity ... is available after 2002 (see Annex H, p40 E, p38 of the 2010 2011 user g…

    is available after 2002 (see Annex H, p40E, p38 of the 20102011 user guide - - using
    British, African, Caribbean) - in the sample data file (2008 Y7) this is identified as 'eth_02' (which I assume relates to 2002 - can anyone help here?).Caribbean). This would
    whole continent. In 2002 only more aggregated ethnic categories are available.
    From 2003 onwards there are two main variables ... a minor grouping variable that contains 18 categories (ethnicgroupminor_xx) and a major groupings variable with 6 categories (ethnicgroupmajor_xx).
    (see suggested SPSS coding below).
    Ethnic classification does fluctuate for some pupils over time. This may relate to a pupil redefining their perceived ethnicity (which we can do little to explore without qualitative detail). Alternatively, it might relate to where this data comes from (e.g. the parent, the pupil themselves or the school -see below) - and this is something that could be drawn on to help 'correct' the final ethnicity classification (see coding below).
    Data collection
    This detail is drawn on to try and improve on the validity / integrity of the final ethnicity classification
    Validity of measure
    (when available).
    Another issue relates to how ethnicity classifications fluctuate over time. Using the main, 18-category scheme, around 93% of pupils were classified the same in 2007 and 2008. The comparable proportion classified similarly in 2004 and 2008 was around 89%.
    Cleaning the variable
    Stata code
    some-one please add hereThis do file creates consistent ethnic groups between 2002 and 2012, noting the changes in ethnic classifications over time. {}
    This do file does not draw on the source of the information or reduce missing values as in the SPSS code below. More information about changes in the ethnic group classifications can be found in this file, which was provided by the Department for Education {Ethnicity Conversions.xlsx} .

    SPSS code
    This file converts the original string variables to be numeric and re-orders the classification. Following this, the data source details are drawn on so that the parental source is given priority over child, school and other. Finally, the missing values in the 2008 variable are reduced by drawing on the 2007, 06, 05 & 04 variables to fill in the details.
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